#1045 – Stumbling into Lent

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I am stumbling into Lent.

I’m not stumbling into Lent because I made the most of Mardi Gras and woke up hungover on Ash Wednesday. I’m stumbling into Lent because it took some time to figure out how I wanted to use this season to better connect with God.

I don’t think that Lent is about giving something up just for the sake of giving something up. I enjoy drinking coffee every morning but I don’t think that giving it up would help me better connect with God. Lent is about preparing our hearts, minds and souls for the celebration of Easter; we should give up something or add something to our lives so that we can better connect with God. Continue reading

#1044 – Avengers: Age of Ultron Final Trailer

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The final trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron premiered yesterday. It wasn’t supposed to go live until Thursday, but Marvel treated its fans to an early surprise.

You can watch the trailer below.

I love the trailer. I don’t think that it gives too much away and definitely hits on all the right notes. The trailer only adds to Ultron’s menace and it really shows the team working together.

Thankfully Age of Ultron is less than two months away. I don’t think I could wait any longer.

Check out some screen caps and thoughts below. Continue reading

#1043 – I Can’t Stand Your Wife

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Yesterday was my beautiful wife’s birthday. In honor of her, I wanted to share one of my favorite posts. It’s all about how Alycia taught me to better love the Bride of Christ.

I’m kind of a fat nerd but my wife still really loves me. She’s beautiful, kind, responsible and far better than I deserve.

I love her quite a bit.

That’s why if someone came to me and said, “I like you but I can’t stand your wife,” I’d probably find new ways to insult and verbally maim him or her. Any husband should nearly turn into the Hulk if someone said to him, “I like you but I can’t stand your wife.”

Yet we often say that to Jesus.

The church is the bride of Christ yet we often communicate with words and actions that we like Jesus but can’t stand his bride. Continue reading

#1042 – Tuesdays with Peggy: Valediction

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Agent Carter concluded its first season last week, tying up most of the plot’s loose ends. Disney and ABC haven’t announced if they’re going to renew Agent Carter for another season, but I certainly hope they do.

Peggy Carter is a strong hero who can go toe-to-toe with any man. I appreciated Peggy’s strong character and dedication to her values. I would love to see more of Peggy’s adventures with the S.S.R., especially since the finale hinted at Hydra’s growth within the S.S.R.

Here are some thoughts I had while watching “Valediction.” Continue reading

#1041 – Train Tracks

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Jesus saved some of his harshest words for the Pharisees. Jesus called the Pharisees whitewashed tombs that looked good on the outside but on the inside were full of death. The Pharisees would go through the motions of their faith without having any real desire to seek after God.

Sometimes I wrestle with this because sometimes I go through the motions. Continue reading

#1040 – Viral Bible Stories

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The Internet is weird.

Yesterday the Internet blew up with a llama chase in Arizona and a debate over the color of a dress.

There’s no telling what will go viral and what won’t. Who spends time scouring YouTube in order to find something to go viral? Thankfully we have the Internet to tell us what is cool and what we should be watching.

Here are some biblical stories that would have gone the most viral. Continue reading

#1039 – Ducktales

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If yesterday you heard a collective cheer from everyone between the ages of 28-34, it’s because Disney is bringing Ducktales back. Yesterday Disney announced that a new Ducktales series would premiere in 2017.

Woo oo!!!

Some of my fondest childhood memories involve coming home after school every day and watching two and a half hours of cartoons. While other kids were outside playing, I was inside enjoying my adventures with Scrooge McDuck and Baloo.

My favorite lineup included Ducktales, Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers, TaleSpin and Darkwing Duck. I would watch all four of those shows on Channel 9 and then flip over to Channel 11 for Batman: The Animated Series.

I am fully onboard with a new Ducktales series. Here are some other old cartoons I wouldn’t mind getting a reboot. Continue reading


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