#892 – Dragons and Sin

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A lot of people are really into dragons.

Whether they belong to Khaleesi, Gringotts or the Lonely Mountain, people are all about dragons.

I’m not really that into dragons. I did an Amazon search for “Dragon statues” and didn’t see anything that I was remotely interested in buying. During my silent prayer time yesterday, though, my mind was filled with dragons. Continue reading

#891 – Gathering is Good

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When I was younger my parents made me go to church every Sunday. Even when we were on vacation, we’d manage to find ourselves in some random church on Sunday morning.

As a kid I didn’t really like going to church. I mean I liked it, but like any kid I would have rather slept in or spent my Sunday mornings watching cartoons. The weekends were short and two hours on a Sunday at church could have been better spent playing with G.I. Joes or reading comic books.

I’m thankful for the habits my parents instilled in me as a child. Even though I didn’t always want to wake up for church on Sunday, I’m grateful that they made me do it. They rhythm of going to church every weekend is engrained in my life, so much so that I get thrown of when I miss church. Continue reading

#890 – Big Hero 6 Trailer

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Walt Disney Animation Studios has been on a tear recently. Three of its most recent projects have been pretty spectacular.

Tangled didn’t have the best music, but the story was great and Rapunzel was more than just a damsel in distress.

Wreck-It Ralph was extremely creative as it perfectly melded the worlds of movies and video games.

Frozen is a smash hit. I love Frozen and so did everyone else, as its $1.2 billion box office has made it the highest grossing animated movie of all time and the fifth highest grossing movie of all time.

This November, Walt Disney Animation Studios is hoping to keep its current run going with Big Hero 6, the trailer for which you can see below. Continue reading

#889 – Ultron is Here

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Guardians of the Galaxy is only about two weeks away. In my excitement for Star-Lord and his crew, I’ve sort of forgotten about Avengers: Age of Ultron. But in light of the upcoming San Diego Comic Con, Marvel and Entertainment Weekly have pulled out the big guns.

The upcoming issue of Entertainment Weekly features Age of Ultron on its cover as well as a number of new images.

I haven’t read too much about Age of Ultron; I know there are some spoilers out there and I want to keep things pretty spoiler-free. I’ve loved everything about Phase Two of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, especially Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Marvel just keeps pushing their universe forward and I keep eating it up.

Once I see Guardians of the Galaxy four times in the theater I’ll be ready to turn my attention to Avengers: Age of Ultron. I know I’ll be just as excited to see the Avengers assemble for the second time as I was the first time around. We have to wait over nine months for Age of Ultron, though, so it’s probably better to ease ourselves into the excitement.

Check out the photos below and then share what excites you about them. Continue reading

#888 – Try

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I still love youth ministry even after 15 years. Coming off of two weeks of summer camp, few things still excite me as much as seeing students embrace Christ.

I love hanging out with our guys. I love leading Guy Time at camp, I love hanging out and playing Magic, I even love them when they don’t take a shower during an entire week at camp.

I also love the girls in our ministry. As a male youth pastor I obviously have a different relationship with our girls than I do with our guys. I don’t get one-on-one time with them and I obviously don’t hang out in their cabins. But I love the girls in our ministry and the role I get to play in their lives.

Which is why I would love for them all to watch this new music video from Colbie Caillat for her song “Try.”


Continue reading

#887 – Doctor Who Into Darkness

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August is shaping up to be one of my favorite months.

I’ll finally get to see Guardians of the Galaxy.

I’ll get to take a little time off from work after a busy summer.

I’ll celebrate my fourth anniversary with Alycia.

I’ll get to join the Twelfth Doctor as he begins his adventures in the TARDIS.

During Sunday’s World Cup Final, the BBC released a new trailer for Series 8 of Doctor Who, which you can see below. Continue reading

#886 – Real Life

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Time to get back to real life.

Well at least as real as life gets for a youth pastor.

After a month of VBS, summer camp and national holidays, it’s time to get back to the office and all-day meetings.

The last month has been an amazing season of ministry. I’ve seen God do some amazing things both in my life and the lives of our students. It has been a long season and I only made it through by God’s grace and the power of his Holy Spirit.

It’s easy for me to rely on God’s grace and the power of the Holy Spirit during a busy season. When I was running around at VBS, trying to stay away with high school students or playing games with junior high students, I knew that I needed to rely on God.

When I’m at home, though, and just going through the motions of my normal life, it’s easy to think that I can make it on my own. Continue reading


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