#985 – Review: Interstellar

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I finally got around to seeing Interstellar last week and I’m now finally getting around to reviewing it.

I really enjoyed Interstellar. I thought that it was a throwback to the grand, thought-provoking science fiction of Arthur C. Clarke. I can understand why people didn’t like Interstellar, especially if they were expecting an action movie like the most recent Star Trek films. Like the best science fiction, though, Interstellar used the genre to tell an ultimately human story.

Here are some thoughts I had while watching InterstellarContinue reading

#984 – LOTR Thanksgiving

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Over a decade after its final release, the Lord of the Rings trilogy is still one of my favorite film series. I’ve enjoyed The Hobbit movies but they haven’t quite matched the magic of the LOTR films. In honor of Thanksgiving and Peter Jackson’s first trilogy of movies, here’s what a Lord of the Rings Thanksgiving might look like. Continue reading

#983 – Star Wars Thanksgiving

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In honor of Thanksgiving, here’s a post I published in the first year of The Christian Nerd.

I’ve never seen the Star Wars Christmas Special. I’ve heard that it is insane, terrible and awesome all at the same time. It does seem a little odd that inhabitants of a galaxy far, far away would engage in some of the same holiday traditions of our galaxy. Even though odd, it does seem like a rather entertaining prospect. Here’s what a Star Wars Thanksgiving might look like. Continue reading

#982 – Quiet Time

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The above is a picture of me not having a quiet time.

Before Thanksgiving I’m spending a few days in Las Vegas on vacation. I’m here with a few friends and looking forward to relaxing after a long season of ministry. It’s not that I can’t or don’t have quiet times in Las Vegas; I enjoy the irony of sitting with God in the city of sin.

However, I’ve found that some people, myself included, like to post pictures of their quiet times. I’ve often sat on my patio trying to get the perfect shot of my coffee, my iPad and my devotional. I’ve never really thought about why I post those pictures, but they do create a false reality.

There are days when I set aside time for God and there are days when I don’t set aside time for God. If I only post pictures when I do set aside time for God, then I’m creating a false image of my life. I’m hoping that people assume I’m always spending time with God and never fall behind on my Bible reading or devotional. Continue reading

#981 – David: Contemplation

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For the past few weeks our church has been looking at the life of David. We finished this past weekend by examining David’s contemplative life.

For David the contemplative life meant thinking about God on a regular basis; quieting his heart long enough to listen to God’s voice. David often writes in the Psalms that we he would seek God at morning, noon and night.

In 1 Samuel 30, David finds that the Amalekites have carried off his own wives and the wives and children of all of his men. Even in that dire situation, with time running out, David still paused to stop and seek God’s face. He called for the priest and sought out God’s will.

Contemplation is a word that we don’t use very often. But it simply means pausing to give attention to something. When we’re contemplative in our spirituality, we pause and give attention to God. We can do this through silent prayer or by using God’s word in practices like Lectio Divina. Contemplating on God simply allows us to listen to God’s voice as we quiet our own hearts. Continue reading

#980 – Clickbait

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Huffington Post

Huffington Post

How many posts in your Facebook feed start with “You’ll never believe what happened when…?”

Clickbait posts are the worst. They tell us, “If you click on this post you will have your mind blown!” Most of the clickbait posts on Facebook have to do with politics, sporting events or celebrities.

I can’t stand clickbait for a few reasons. Continue reading

#979 – Grinding

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For the past few weeks I have been doing a lot of gaming on my phone. A couple months back I downloaded Shining Force, one of my favorite Sega Genesis games. It had been ported to iOS but I didn’t play it that much because my iPhone 4S couldn’t handle it. Since getting an iPhone 6, though, I’ve been playing Shining Force a lot.

Shining Force is fairly generic in terms of its story and gameplay. An evil nation wants to release Dark Dragon and only a young hero and his band of friends can stop it. The game employs simple turn-based strategies and archetypical character classes like knights, mages and healers. The game does offer a promotion system, which adds a layer of depth not found in other games of that era.

In an effort to exploit the promotion system I have been doing a lot of grinding in Shining Force. In order to gain as much experience as possible I have replayed numerous levels. Even when each character was only getting a few experience points for defeating weaker enemies, I still persevered. Grinding out those experience points may not be fun, but it does produce dividends. Continue reading


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