#980 – Clickbait

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Huffington Post

Huffington Post

How many posts in your Facebook feed start with “You’ll never believe what happened when…?”

Clickbait posts are the worst. They tell us, “If you click on this post you will have your mind blown!” Most of the clickbait posts on Facebook have to do with politics, sporting events or celebrities.

I can’t stand clickbait for a few reasons. Continue reading

#979 – Grinding

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For the past few weeks I have been doing a lot of gaming on my phone. A couple months back I downloaded Shining Force, one of my favorite Sega Genesis games. It had been ported to iOS but I didn’t play it that much because my iPhone 4S couldn’t handle it. Since getting an iPhone 6, though, I’ve been playing Shining Force a lot.

Shining Force is fairly generic in terms of its story and gameplay. An evil nation wants to release Dark Dragon and only a young hero and his band of friends can stop it. The game employs simple turn-based strategies and archetypical character classes like knights, mages and healers. The game does offer a promotion system, which adds a layer of depth not found in other games of that era.

In an effort to exploit the promotion system I have been doing a lot of grinding in Shining Force. In order to gain as much experience as possible I have replayed numerous levels. Even when each character was only getting a few experience points for defeating weaker enemies, I still persevered. Grinding out those experience points may not be fun, but it does produce dividends. Continue reading

#978 – Caterpillars

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I really hate most bugs. The scene with the bugs in Temple of Doom makes my skin crawl every time. I never liked digging through the dirt and finding worms when I was little. If there’s a bug inside our apartment I usually get Alycia to take care of it.

This disdain for bugs applies to caterpillars. Caterpillars are weird little bugs that are both creepy and furry at the same time. Some people are happy to pull a caterpillar off of a tree and let it slither up and down their hands. I’ve never done that and have had small meltdowns when a caterpillar was near me.

Caterpillars, though, don’t stay caterpillars. They cocoon themselves and turn into butterflies. Like most everybody, I love butterflies. They’re beautiful and graceful; it’s almost impossible to believe that they start as disgusting caterpillars.

But what if a caterpillar didn’t want to become a butterfly? Continue reading

#977 – Guardians of the Galaxy Digital Release

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Guardians of the Galaxy was easily one of my favorite movies of the year. It and Captain America: The Winter Soldier are vying for the top spot on the list of my favorite movies from 2014. At this point, though, The Winter Soldier has a leg up because it is out on Blu-ray. I’ve already watched The Winter Soldier from the comfort of my own home and could easily do it again. Today, though, The Winter Soldier loses that advantage.

Today marks the release of Guardians of the Galaxy on digital download. I only saw GOTG once in the theater and Alycia never saw it. So the temptation to spend $19.99 on iTunes is strong, like Infinity Gem strong. I’d happily give into that temptation if it weren’t for the fact that Guardians of the Galaxy is coming out on Blu-ray in three weeks along with a digital copy. So I can spend $19.99 now and then another $24.99 in three weeks, pretty much wasting $20 because I’m impatient. Continue reading

#976 – David: Confession

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David is called a man after God’s own heart. For most people, though, that statement comes with a giant asterisk. Even though David was a man after God’s own heart, he still committed some major sins. Those sins are an asterisk on his life. However, David’s response to those sins continue to show us what it means to be men and women after God’s own heart.

Two of David’s major sins are recorded in the Bible. First, he slept with Bathsheba and had her husband killed to cover up the affair. Second, David took a census of his fighting men, trusting and boasting in his own strength instead of God’s. Both of these were major violations with steep consequences. Because of his sin with Bathsheba and Uriah’s murder, David faced turmoil in his own household until the day he died. Because of his sin in taking a census, 70,000 Israelites died from a plague.

In spite of the consequences, David responded well in both instances. Instead of turning his back on God and stubbornly pursuing his own path, David eventually confessed to God, he eventually came back to his heavenly Father. David shows us that sin is inevitable for all of us; what makes us men and women after God’s own heart, though, is how we respond to that sin. Continue reading

#975 – Doctor Who-esday: Death in Heaven

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After solving some downloading issues with iTunes, I was finally able to watch “Death in Heaven.” I enjoyed the Series 8 finale, but was left wanting much more.

As far as what I enjoyed, the Cybermen felt like a real threat in this episode, mostly due to their sheer number. I also thought I was watching the “Thriller” video when the Cybermen were coming out of the graves. I also enjoyed the relationship between the Doctor and Missy as well as the Doctor’s development.

The ending, however, left me wanting more. Clara and the Doctor are obviously very important to each other. I can’t handle their relationship ending the way it did, propped up by two very big lies. Hopefully the Christmas special will rectify this ending and give us a more satisfying one. I was already excited for the new Christmas special but, after the ending of “Death in Heaven,” I’m even more excited.

Here are some other thoughts I had while watching “Death in Heaven.” Continue reading

#974 – Halo: The Master Chief Collection

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Halo - The Master Chief Collection

Earlier this week Halo: The Master Chief Collection was released for the Xbox One. It is a compilation of Halo 1-4. It was one of the first games that I ordered for my Xbox One and I can’t wait to sit down and revisit the adventures of one of my favorite video game heroes.

As I was looking at the box for the game, I realized that Halo has pretty much always been a part of my adult life. Reminiscing about each of the Halo releases takes me back to a specific time and place. The Halo series really does tell the tale of my life as a grown up, or at least my growing up.

Here’s my little walk down memory lane through the lens of the Halo series. Continue reading


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