#1076 – Timehop and Tough Times

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Timehop is one of my favorite apps. It compiles photos and social media activity for today’s date from years past. So when I check my Timehop today, it will show me what I posted and what pictures I took on April 20 in previous years. It’s fun to see what I’ve been doing in the six years since I signed up for Twitter. It’s also a lot of fun to see pictures that I’ve posted, to be reminded of memories I’d forgotten.

As I’ve been going through Timehop recently, though, it hasn’t been all fun and smiles.

There are some seasons and some memories that I would rather forget. Unfortunately, as I go through Timehop, I can’t help but remember the difficult season I went through two years ago. Continue reading

#1075 – The Force Awakens Trailer

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The Force Awakens Title

I woke up on Wednesday excited for Thursday. I was looking forward to sleeping in on Thursday and waking up to watch The Force Awakens panel from Star Wars Celebration. It wasn’t until later in the day that I realized I would be at a conference all day on Thursday. Not only would I have to wake up early, but I was also going to miss out on the panel.

So I was sitting in the conference’s second session yesterday, refreshing Twitter to see what was happening during the panel. When I saw the first tweet about The Force Awakens trailer I freaked out in my seat. I couldn’t leave the session and I couldn’t watch the trailer. I was pretty much distracted and unfocused for the rest of the session.

You can watch the trailer (again) below.

When I finally saw the trailer I was blown away. I keep getting more and more excited and my faith in J.J. Abrams keeps growing and growing. The trailer was awesome and managed to raise my anticipation still without giving too much away.

Below are some screen shots and some thoughts about the trailer. Continue reading

#1074 – Christian Conference Nerds

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I wrote this post a few years ago about the Catalyst Conference. I am back at the same conference and I thought I would share it again


This week I am at the Catalyst West Coast Conference in Orange County. I love the Catalyst Conference and its focus on next generation leaders. I have attended numerous conferences over the years and have definitely witnessed Christian Conference Nerds. Below are some characteristics of Christian Conference Nerds.

Continue reading

#1073 – Look Up

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Some of our favorite nerdclinations tell us to lift our eyes and look up.

We’re told to look in the sky because it could be a bird, it could be a plane or it could be Superman.

Star Trek encourages us to look to the stars and hope for a future in which humanity has eliminated poverty, injustice and disease.

Gandalf tells Aragorn to look to the east and up a mountain for his salvation from the Uruk-hai.

Looking up is an act of hope, lifting up our chins so we don’t hang our heads so low.

Looking up keeps us from being downcast, sullen and disengaged.

Looking up prevents us from being down in the dumps and can lift our spirits.

All those clichés about the position of our heads can be true, but they depend what we’re looking at. Continue reading

#1072 – Ant-Man Trailer

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With all of the excitement over Daredevil and Avengers: Age of Ultron, it’s easy to forget that Marvel has another movie coming out in July.

Ant-Man joins the Marvel Cinematic Universe on July 17, two months after the Avengers are going to surely going to dominate the box office. Hank Pym and Scott Lang aren’t as recognizable as Tony Stark and Thor, but the new trailer for Ant-Man certainly creates some excitement for Marvel’s smallest super hero. Check it out below.

I haven’t been unsure about any of Marvel’s projects for the past seven years. Ever since Iron Man came out I have been on board with the MCU. Ant-Man is the first project for which I have some reservations. It had a troubled production and Ant-Man just isn’t as cool as Captain America, Daredevil or the Guardians of the Galaxy. However, this trailer has me more excited than I was. The size changing action looks really intriguing and I think that Paul Rudd can pull off the anti-hero as well as Chris Pratt.

Check out some screen caps and other thoughts about the Ant-Man trailer. Continue reading

#1071 – Daredevil

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I don’t know much about the Man Without Fear. I haven’t read a lot of Daredevil comics and I thankfully avoided Ben Affleck’s version of the blind vigilante. I knew the basics of Matthew Murdock’s story, but went into Netflix’s Daredevil with a relatively clean slate. And after watching the first three episodes, that slate has been filled with intense stories, jaw-dropping action and deeper questions of morality.

Daredevil is great and definitely provides a different look at the MCU. Up to this point the MCU has been filled with movies and television series with large-scale issues and galaxy altering consequences. Daredevil is a much more intimate experience, focusing on Hell’s Kitchen in New York City. The heroics of the Avengers are simply known as “The Incident,” and are only mentioned in conversations about how they impacted regular people.

Along with a more intimate feel, Daredevil also offers a darker and grittier take on the MCU. Marvel’s movies are grand, crowd-pleasing blockbusters, and I mean no insult with that statement. Marvel makes big movies for big crowds, which means those movies have to play things relatively safe. Without those restrictions and those of network television, Marvel is freed to give us a somewhat morally ambiguous hero, who is definitely more of a vigilante than the face of the Avengers.

Here are some other thoughts I had while watching the first three episodes of Daredevil. Continue reading

#1070 – FitBit

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I’m not planning on buying an Apple Watch, but if one just showed up at my doorstep I don’t think that I would send it back. I’m not opposed to wearable technology, I just think the Apple Watch creates a solution for a problem I don’t have.

Not only am I not opposed to wearable technology, but it’s something that I have actually embraced. I’ve had a FitBit for a year and a half; it has definitely become a part of my lifestyle. As much as I never leave home without my cell phone, I also never leave home without my FitBit. And since I got my FitBit Charge, which also acts as a watch, I only ever take it off when I’m in the shower.

FitBit is an activity tracker. There are a bunch of different models that track different things. My FitBit Charge tracks my steps, calories burned, distance walked and flights of steps climbed. In the year and a half that I’ve had my FitBit, I think it has made a positive impact on my health. It definitely makes me more aware of my level of activity and acts as a catalyst to keep from being too lazy. If I get home after a long day of meetings, which usually involve sitting on my butt, seeing that I only have 3,000 steps will get me to go to the gym.

More than a lack of steps, though, I’ve definitely been motivated by the social aspect of FitBit. Like most everything these days, there’s a social component to FitBit. The app allows the user to add and interact with friends, encouraging them and engaging in challenges with them. The challenges are what have really impacted my life. Continue reading


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