#964 – Scheduled

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Earlier this week I had coffee with a good friend. We were talking about how we recover and recuperate after busy seasons in life. Some weeks I don’t have anything extra on my plate and it’s a relatively easy week. Others weeks, though, my plate is overflowing, like I’m at an all-you-can-eat buffet of busyness. After weeks like that, it’s important to find time to rest and recover.

Resting and recovering can look different for all of us. Some of us best rest my taking a nap and others need to be outside doing something. However we rest and recover, we still need to be intentional of scheduling that time and everything else that we do.

If we take the fourth commandment seriously, then we need to seriously think about how we incorporate rest and Sabbath into our weeks. For a long time I didn’t take the fourth commandment seriously and I just sort of let my weeks happen to me. If it was a busy week, then I was busy. If it wasn’t a busy week, then I wasn’t busy and I wasted a lot of time.

In both situations I wasn’t intentional about scheduling my weeks. So, when I did have some free time, I wasn’t able to really use that time to rest and relax. If I still had a long to-do list, I wasn’t able to relax because I felt guilty about not working. If I didn’t have anything to do, then I would just end up sitting around, not really choosing to do anything to connect with God. Instead of resting I was just lazy. Continue reading

#963 – Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase Three

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Marvel and DC seemed locked in an eternal struggle to continually one up each other.

First Marvel announced that Robert Downey Jr. had signed on to star alongside Chris Evans in Captain America 3.

DC followed up that announcement with one of its own. DC laid out its entire slate of upcoming movies. Officially announcing for the first time movies for the Suicide Squad, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Cyborg and Green Lantern, along with the revelation that The Justice League would be split into two movies.

Less than two weeks after that announcement, Marvel came over the top and laid out the entire third phase of its cinematic universe. And, as a professed Marvel fanboy, I went absolutely nuts. Here is the slate of movies Marvel unveiled yesterday. Continue reading

#962 – Doctor Who-esday: In The Forest of the Night

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Clara Oswald has really grown beyond the Impossible Girl. Last series she was a great help to the Doctor on all of their adventures. This series has really added much more to Clara’s character. She deeply questioned the Doctor in Into the Dalek, made the tough choice in Kill the Moon and played the role of the Doctor in Flatline. She’s been much more than just another companion.

In In the Forest of the Night, which felt like a continuation of The Caretaker, we again find Clara trying to balance her life with the Doctor and her love for Danny Pink. In The Caretaker Clara seemed like a victim of her emotional whims. In In the Forest of the Night, Clara was much clearer about her reasons for liking the Doctor and loving Danny. She loves Danny because of his selflessness with the children and she likes the Doctor because of the miraculous things he can show her.

I don’t know who she’ll choose but, from the preview of next week’s episode, it looks like she may not even have a choice.

Here are some other thoughts I had while watching In the Forest of the NightContinue reading

#961 – David: Waiting

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Waiting sucks.

Whether we’re waiting for a parking spot or waiting in line, no one really likes waiting. Waiting is even more difficult when it comes to more serious matters like waiting for healing from a disease, waiting to be blessed with a child or waiting to find a job.

We can learn a lot about waiting by looking at the life of David.

David was anointed as Israel’s next king when he was about 15 years old. He actually didn’t become king, though, for another 15 years. He was anointed as king at 15 but didn’t become king until he was 30. David literally waited half of his life before becoming king.

David didn’t just twiddle his thumbs for 15 years, though. He made the most of his season of waiting. Continue reading

#960 – DC Multiverse

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Comic books have some of the craziest stories and timelines. Most of our favorite super heroes have been around for decades, each with their own complicated histories and backstories. Sometimes those stories become entirely too complicated and everything needs a little reboot.

Even though I don’t read its comics, I know that DC has done this recently with “The New 52.” The New 52 relaunched DC’s most popular titles, giving new readers an easy entry point into each book. I can see the appeal of starting off fresh, not needing to remember one or two panes from a random book from three or thirty years ago.

Another way that DC has attempted to retcon its universe has been through the Multiverse. The Multiverse refers to any number of infinite universes existing within DC Comics. Each universe has its own version of DC’s heroes, creating the opportunity to create or explain away universe-altering situations.

Earlier this week DC’s Chief Creative Office, Geoff Johns, shared that DC is bringing its Multiverse to the big and small screens. Instead of having a cohesive universe like Marvel, DC sees its movies inhabiting one universe and each of its television series inhabiting different universes. The Multiverse explains why the Flash on TV is going to be different from the Flash in the movies.

While this explanation could be seen as DC remaining true to its comic book roots even in television and film, I think it’s just an excuse for not having a complete plan. Continue reading

#959 – Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer

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AOU Title

Yesterday afternoon my Twitter feed exploded with news that the trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron had leaked. I usually don’t like leaked trailers because of their terrible quality. As excited as I am for Age of Ultron, though, I couldn’t resist and I found the leaked trailer. I watched it and was totally blown away, even in 480p.

Marvel responded to the leak with a great sense of humor. Marvel’s tweet about the leak was absolutely hilarious and it released an official trailer in glorious 1080p. If you’ve yet to watch the trailer (is there anyone who hasn’t?) you can watch it below. Continue reading

#958 – Called

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I really love the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The movies are great but I also appreciate the journeys each of the heroes has to take.

Iron Man has to see there’s more to life than himself.

Thor has to learn what it means to be humble.

Captain America has to learn how to lead.

The Guardians of the Galaxy have to learn to work together as a team.

Each hero learns something along their journey, ultimately fulfilling their purpose of saving the day. I don’t know if they all felt called to be super heroes, but they definitely had a larger purpose to fill.

Like our favorite super heroes, we all definitely have a purpose in life. More than a purpose, though, we have a calling. There is something to which God is calling us, a role he wants us to fill for his kingdom purposes. Continue reading


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