#936 – New Nerdy Television

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I recently shared about my love for television but my lack of time to watch television. My TV watching schedule cleared up last year as The Office and 30 Rock both signed off. However I added Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. There are a few nerdy shows making their debut this fall. I’m either going to have to sleep less or stop playing video games to find the time to watch them.

Here are some of the nerdy television shows debuting this fall.

Gotham – Premiers Monday, September 22


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#935 – The iPhone and God’s Provision

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Apple Event


The iPhone 6 comes out today. Here’s a repost about how we view new technology in light of God’s call to be content.

The iPhone is finally coming to Verizon. I feel bad for everyone who just got their new phone three weeks ago and aren’t due an upgrade until after the Mayan calendar kills us all. I know that if I was on Verizon and didn’t have an iPhone, my obsessive tech nerdclination would take over and I would spend $600 to get the iPhone, even if I didn’t have the money. Continue reading

#934 – Mugged

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Jan Wijnants - Parable of the Good Samaritan

Jan Wijnants – Parable of the Good Samaritan

I love the story of the Good Samaritan.

Most of the times I’ve read that story or heard it taught the application is to be more like the Good Samaritan. We are called to reach out to those in need. Jesus wants us to be a true neighbor to everyone in our lives. We should do whatever we can to place the needs of others above our own.

Those are all fine applications. In fact, if that’s all I ever learned from the story of the Good Samaritan then I would be better off for it.

As I was reading through it recently, though, I saw that we could see ourselves in all of the characters in the parable. Continue reading

#933 – Beat the Heat

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I don’t normally like to complain about the weather but I’m making an exception. It has been so hot for two weeks in Southern California. Every day we are experiencing record-setting temperatures. It’s not only hot during the day, but the evenings have been cooling down to a brisk 85 degrees. I’m thinking of employing these somewhat nerdy options to beat the heat.  Continue reading

#932 – Doctor Who-esday: Listen

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I probably shouldn’t have watched “Listen” at night before going to bed. As a child who was frequently scared of the dark there was a lot I could identify with in “Listen.”

Steven Moffat has written some of the creepiest episodes of Doctor Who. “Blink” obviously comes to mind, but he was also responsible for “Day of the Moon.” The Weeping Angels were terrifying but I lost my breath when Amy saw all the marks on her face, each one representing a Silence that she had forgotten.

I really enjoyed “Listen” and thought that it was the best episode of the young series. “Robot of Sherwood” was great for its humor and levity, but “Listen” was great because of its suspense and heart. It was engrossing to see the Doctor as a scared little boy and as a centuries-old man, still wrestling with that scared little boy.

Here are some thoughts I had on “Listen.”  Continue reading

#931 – Teen Titans

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Warner Bros. and DC are really getting their mojo going.

Arrow is one of television’s most popular shows.

Gotham is one of the most anticipated new series of the fall.

The Rock will star as Black Adam in a Shazam movie.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is set to be one of the biggest super hero crossovers ever.

And just last week rumors surfaced that DC is developing a Teen Titans television series for TNT.

I don’t know much about the Teen Titans. According to the rumors, this version of the Titans will center on Nightwing, Batman’s former protégé. This news didn’t really move the needle for me because I don’t really care about the Teen Titans.

I do wonder about Warner Bros. and DC’s strategy. They’ve found success with Arrow and apparently want to reproduce that success. Without creating a connected universe, though, I don’t know if that success will continue. Marvel has found most of its success because of its interconnected universe, both among all of the movies and television series.

I don’t know much about the Teen Titans, but I do know a lot about these biblical teen titans. Continue reading

#930 – The Batmobile

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Few super heroes are as iconic as Batman. Even though I am a staunch supporter of Marvel Comics, I have to admit that Marvel may not have a hero as iconic as Batman. Captain America, Iron Man and Wolverine are great heroes, but they don’t hold the same place in the public conscious as Batman.

Batman is so iconic, that even his accessories are iconic.

Batarangs are iconic.

The Bat Signal is iconic.

And, of course, the Batmobile is iconic.

Earlier this week Zack Snyder released the first official image of the new Batmobile from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. I like the look of Batman’s new whip, as it combines elements from Burton’s and Nolan’s Batmobiles.

The Batmobile has been iconic for many years. Here’s a ranking of my favorite Batmobiles.  Continue reading


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