#913 – Episode VII Spoilers

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I really love the Internet.

I spend a majority of my days connected to my phone, MacBook or some other device.

I love the speed at which I can get information, from sports scores to international news.

I love connecting with people via Twitter and iMessage, building upon the foundation of real life relationships with virtual bricks.

There are a lot of reasons to love the Internet but I really hate it when it comes to Episode VII spoilers. Continue reading

#912 – Clara Has Left the TARDIS

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Clara has left the TARDIS…well at least she’s going to.

With Series 8 of Doctor Who just around the corner, this past weekend news leaked that Jenna Coleman will be leaving the Doctor. Coleman made her debut as the Impossible Girl in Series 7’s premiere and became the Doctor’s full-time companion halfway through the series. Apparently it’s time for Coleman to move on, though. It’s rumored that she will be making her exit during the Christmas special.

I’ve really enjoyed Coleman’s portrayal of Clara Oswald. Clara is a bit punchy and as a companion kept Matt Smith’s Doctor on his toes. I’m really looking forward to her interactions with the new Doctor, as Clara’s spunk goes head-to-head with Capaldi’s Doctor’s intensity.

I will be sad to see Clara go. At this point she’s only been in a few episodes and will only be in a few more. For a show that has spanned 50 years, though, transitions like this are commonplace. New Doctors and new companions are a must as change gives the opportunity for new ideas and fresh characters.

Transitions can be difficult, though, in our favorite nerdclinations and in real life. Continue reading

#911 – Baptism: An End and a Beginning

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There are a lot of reasons I love being a pastor.

I love talking about Jesus.

I love helping people become who God created them to be.

And I’ve really started to love baptisms.

We do baptisms about four times a year at our church. After each service everyone gathers in the courtyard to see men, women, teenagers, children and families publicly proclaim their faith through baptism. I knew that I would love talking about Jesus as a pastor, but I didn’t expect that I would love baptisms as much as I do.

Baptism really is an end and a beginning. Continue reading

#910 – Whom I Love

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I love roller coasters. I love going fast, flying down a track, twisting, turning and going upside down. I love feeling my stomach drop as g-forces pull my body in all sorts of unnatural directions.

As much as I love feeling my stomach drop on a roller coaster, I hate it just as much when I’m checking my email.

I hate feeling my stomach fall into a bottomless pit while checking my email. Most of the time my inbox is full of junk mail, Amazon ads and emails about scheduling meetings. Every so often, though, there’s an email that gives me pause simply because of its subject line.

These aren’t angry emails from people who want the worst for me. Very often they’re from people who want what’s best for me and are simply seeking some clarity. I know that in my mind but my stomach is a little behind.

My stomach feels like those emails are questioning my value as a person.

My stomach feels like those emails are setting up expectations that I could never possibly meet.

My stomach feels like those emails are labeling me as a bad pastor. Continue reading

#909 – Nerdy Cars

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I’m not really into cars. I’ve never been fascinated by what went on beneath the hood of my car. I’ve never wanted to rebuild an engine or customize my car. I never really even liked Hot Wheels. In spite of my general lack of interest in cars, though, I’ve always had a thing for Italian sports cars.

Growing up my friends were into muscle cars like Mustangs and Camaros. I always wanted to drive a Ferrari or a Maserati. Which makes this story about a Transformers fan all the more mind blowing.

A Massachusetts man painted his $100,000 Maserati to look like an evil Decepticon police car. The man was arrested for impersonating an officer, even though the shield on his car read “Punish and Enslave” instead of “Protect and Serve.” I can’t imagine painting my Equinox to look like a Decepticon, much less an Italian sports car that costs more than I make in a year.

I do admire the man’s commitment but would never want to emulate it. If I were to follow his example, here are some nerdy cars I would want to turn my car into.

The Party Wagon


Continue reading

#908 – MTG Addict

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When I was in junior high a brand new card game entered the tabletop scene. I loved HeroQuest, I dabbled in pen and paper RPGs but I found my game in Magic: The Gathering. When I got severely ridiculed for playing MTG at school, though, I abandoned the game even though I absolutely loved it.

In January of this year, though, I rekindled that love. I bought a Deckbuilder’s Toolkit and jumped back into Magic feet first. In the months since, I have purchased numerous packs as well as a two whole booster boxes. I’m constantly tweaking my decks, looking for any advantage, and my other duelers and I are always looking for even the slimmest of opportunities to play.

I’ve never been actually addicted to something and I don’t mean to make like of addiction, but I’m addicted to MTG. Continue reading

#907 – Old Batman

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Even though Warner Bros. flinched and moved Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’s release date, it is still going to be a massive hit. The weekend of March 25, 2016 is going to be dominated by DC’s two most famous characters. I enjoyed Man of Steel and, even though I prefer Marvel to DC, I’ll see Batman v Superman on opening weekend.

Some news hit the Internet yesterday about Bruce Wayne in the upcoming crossover movie. Ben Affleck is no spring chicken and Batman v Superman producer Michael Uslan confirmed that Affleck’s Batman will be a little older. Instead of a young vigilante fresh out of his League of Shadows training, Affleck’s Batman will be in his 40s, an older and more experienced Caped Crusader.

In light of old Batman, here are some of my favorite biblical senior citizens.  Continue reading


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